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Can you ship Every Sacred Sunday outside the USA? 

Due to copyright restrictions, we currently are only able to ship Every Sacred Sunday within the United States. However, this is an area we are working on with various translation permissions offices around the world. For more information, see our blog post on this topic: 

When does Every Sacred Sunday start and what readings does it contain? 

Every Sacred Sunday starts with the full Mass readings for the first day of Advent in 2017 (December 3, 2017). It covers the readings for every Sunday, Solemnity, and Holy Day of Obligation for the rest of the 2017-2018 liturgical year, concluding with the readings on Sunday, November 25, 2018. The translation used is identical to the Lectionary for Mass in the USA. 

I saw you got funded on Kickstarter--can I still order Every Sacred Sunday? 

Yes! Reaching our funding goal on Kickstarter means we have achieved the minimum amount necessary to cover the minimum order size of journals from our printer. We ordered extra journals from the printer, which are available for pre-order until we run out! 

Update: The first batch of journals are sold out, but we have opened pre-orders for a re-print batch of books. See more details at the link below. 

I'd like to place a bulk order (20+ books) or bookstore order. Any advice? 

Awesome! If you have a group that can ship to one address, you can receive 20% off any order over 20 books by using the code COMMUNITY. We also have wholesale pricing specific to bookstores or gift shops with a valid tax ID. Send an email to kassie@everysacredsunday.com to learn more about wholesale options. 

What type of pen works best inside the journal?



Overall, a ballpoint pen with medium ink works extremely well on the inside of the pages. However, since we are using such a high quality paper inside the journal just about ANY type of pen works with minimal bleed through. Any gel pen or rollerball pen with darker ink is more likely to smear or show through the pages -- just as it would on any other type of paper. Also, if you are inclined to paint in your journal then the pages hold up well with watercolor provided you do not paint too thick. And of course, plain 'ol #2 pencil worked out great if you're not a fan of pens! 

Do you accept returns?



We've designed and created each product with love and prayer. We can only accept returns of books that are still in the shrink wrap within 10 days of delivery.  We are happy to replace any items that arrive in damaged condition within 30 days of purchase - just email us at hello@everysacredsunday.com so we can make it right! Thank you for your support!

Who can use Every Sacred Sunday? 

Great question! Every Sacred Sunday was specifically created to serve Latin Rite Roman Catholic men and women, and we feel it can be a useful tool for any Christian wanting to develop a habit of scripture study and prayer throughout the year.

Are you making a journal for 2018-2019 as well? 

Yes, and we are so excited about this! New cover, new watercolor illustrations, all in the same modern format with space for both the full Mass readings and to take notes--we just can't wait! Once you are using your 2017-2018 journal, let us know what you think by emailing hello@everysacredsunday.com so we can make the next one even better!

I have a podcast/blog/store--Let's collaborate! 

Not technically a question, but probably our favorite! We love having the chance to meet others who are excited about spreading the Faith through beauty and creativity. Say hi and start a conversation by emailing christie@everysacredsunday.com.

Who filmed the video I see on the homepage and on your Kickstarter page? 


We are so grateful to the awesome team at Lovewell Creative for their work in concept design, filming, and editing of our Kickstarter video! Stories connect us, and we can't thank you enough for helping us tell ours!