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Why a Mass journal?

Prepare for Mass

  • Full Mass readings for each Sunday and Solemnity

  • December 2, 2018 through November 24, 2019

  • Makes it easy to pre-read before Mass

  • Underline, highlight, and annotate on thick, 80 lb paper

  • Designed for Latin Rite Roman Catholics in the United States (Not in the US? Click here)

  • Modern, simple font and design is easy to read

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Record and reflect

  • Simple journaling template helps make scripture study and prayer a habit

  • Scripture Speaks: Re-write and reflect on a verse from the weekly readings

  • Weekly Intentions: Offer up a prayer of thanksgiving and a prayer request

  • Notes: Reflect on the readings, take notes on the homily, or journal about how God is speaking to you through the Mass

  • Go Forth: Commit to growing your faith with one action that week

Live out the Gospel

  • One week at a time, form the habit of stillness and prayer

  • Initiate faith-based conversations in your family

  • Remember the homily

  • Carry the Mass with you through the week

  • Evangelize and build community

  • Say yes to God, one Sunday at a time!

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I am so in love with this book. I forgot it one Sunday and I was devastated - it has changed the way I approach the mass! I also just really love beautiful books, and this book is gorgeous. Thank you so much for this, I am so happy that I found it!
— ESS survey 2018

This book has been a blessing! I truly have never been more engaged in mass than I am in this season. I read before mass and feel prepared and engaged for a change! Not just checking it off my list each week. My second favorite part is focusing on my weeks intention going forth. In 2018 to be engaged, present, and active with my faith is a direct result of this beautiful book. THANK YOU!!!!
— ESS survey 2018
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I ordered the journal based on a recommendation of a few friends who loved it from my bible study, and I am not disappointed. It is beautifully crafted and so helpful in preparing for and reflecting after mass. I am so excited to use this journal for the remainder of the year!
— Facebook review

Thanks for ESS! I use it each week as I prepare for my homilies. I love that there is so much space to write and take notes and draw pictures and circle things and put arrows...I appreciate the design and the simplicity and Iā€™m looking forward to the 2018-19 version.
— ESS survey 2018
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