The Mass journal created with you in mind.

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Say yes to God, one Sunday at a time.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that the Mass is the "source and summit" of our faith (CCC1324). Each week at Mass, we encounter Christ through the Holy Eucharist, Sacred Scripture, and faithful community.

But do you ever catch yourself going through the motions?

Every Sacred Sunday is a Mass journal designed to help Catholics celebrate the Mass. 

Inside you will find full Mass readings for each Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation in the 2017-2018 liturgical year (December 3, 2017 - November 25, 2018).  After each set of readings, there is journaling space to reflect on scripture, take notes on the homily, and center your upcoming week around Christ. With original watercolor illustrations, a gold foil linen hardcover, and eco-friendly printing in the USA, this journal is designed to reflect the beauty of the scriptures printed inside. 


The Prototype

Printing a prototype not only gives you a sneak peek, but also fine tunes the final product. In addition to all the features seen here, the final product includes a deeper navy linen hardcover and key prayers on the inside cover.

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Celebrate the Mass with the weekly scriptures and space to take notes. Limited quantities available!

  • Full Mass readings for each Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation in the 2017-2018 liturgical year (December 3, 2017 to November 25, 2018)
  • Identical translation to what is read at Mass (USCCB and ICEL copyright approved)
  • Easy-to-use journaling template after each set of readings
  • Original watercolor illustrations for each liturgical season
  • Durable linen hardcover with gold foil cover design
  • 250+ full color pages, organized by liturgical color and date
  • Eco-friendly printing in the USA
  • Thick paper perfect for journaling
  • Key prayers included in the front cover
  • Ribbon bookmark
  • Keepsake quality, designed to reflect the beauty of the scriptures on each page
  • Created prayerfully with you in mind

Features Overview

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Ask and you shall receive. 

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What is Kickstarter? 

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that connects creators directly with the public to fund new small business ventures. We are grateful to each person that backed us on Kickstarter to bring this project to life, now allowing us to offer it by pre-order until supplies run out!

What is a Mass journal?

A Mass journal is a tool that encourages active preparation for the mass and helps you stay focused during the mass. You can use the journal to pre-read the weekly readings, reflect on the scriptures or homily, and record where you feel called to say "Yes!" to Christ. 

Where can I get one?

We're glad you asked! We sold our first batch of pre-orders through Kickstarter. We are currently taking orders on our second batch of pre-orders until supplies run out, as the wheels are already running to print these books!