Thank you for your interest in Every Sacred Sunday! We’re Kassie and Christie, and Every Sacred Sunday has been our dream for the past two years. We were first funded on Kickstarter last year, and from there we’re excited to now offer the second edition of Every Sacred Sunday.

We’re former college roomies, dog-lovers, tea drinkers, and big believers in extraordinary grace. Thanks for being here and growing with us!

Kassie Manning

Kassie is a molecular biologist who loves rock climbing, road trips, and new chapstick. Her favorite mornings are spent making waffles with her husband and her favorite evenings are passed lingering around the dinner table long after the food and wine have run out. Above all else, she trusts the power of beauty and joy to spread the Gospel. 

Purpose: "To develop an intimate relationship with God that inspires myself and others to live boldly and serve joyfully."

Favorite part about Every Sacred Sunday: "The notes section--taking notes on the homily has been a game-changer for me, and now I can organize those notes with the readings too."

Email: kassie@everysacredsunday.com

Instagram: @kassie_manning

Christie Peters

Christie teaches art at a local elementary school in Texas and works on commission as a painter and illustrator. Her favorite things include her family, traveling, all things citrus, her little dog Shelby, and the unshakeable beauty of the Catholic Church. Christie is inspired by ordinary people leading extraordinary lives while serving as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. 

Purpose: "I believe that beauty has the power to save the world and lead hearts towards Christ and my hope is to serve as a humble vessel in all things creative."

Favorite part about Every Sacred Sunday: "My favorite part is having all of the readings in one place and the opportunity to spend quality time in Scripture throughout the week."

Email: christie@everysacredsunday.com

Instagram: @christie_vaughn

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