April 28, 2019: The Second Sunday of Easter

What are you afraid of?


You believe in me, Thomas, because you have seen me, says the Lord;
blessed are those who have not seen me, but still believe!

John 20:29

What are you afraid of? I have to ask myself this question quite frequently and oftentimes it takes me time, reflection, and a good confession to understand what the real answer is.

In today’s gospel the disciples knew exactly what they were afraid of. They were afraid they were going to be tortured and slaughtered just like their beloved Jesus. So there they were, consumed with fear and grief, hiding out from Jewish authority. But what did Jesus do? As they hid together in that room, He came to them and gifted them with the Breath of Life, the Holy Spirit, that would ultimately empower them to change the world with their testimonies and gifts. What I find interesting, is that although Thomas wasn’t there when Jesus visited the disciples the first time, it doesn’t give us their response to his unbelief. The disciples, in some way, understood Thomas’ doubt, and as Jesus did, they waited for him to experience Jesus. So, in a beautiful act of love and mercy, Jesus comes again and allows Thomas to touch his wounds, to see His face, to repent, “My Lord and my God!” He knew Thomas’ heart, his grief, his pain. He met Thomas exactly where he met the disciples, in a locked room with a fearful heart teaching not just Thomas, but all of them, that the one’s who have believed and have not seen will be blessed.

So, what are you afraid of? Is there a part of you fearfully hiding in a locked room? I’ve been there and let me tell you, Jesus meets you in those exact places whether the door is locked or unlocked. He’s got a job that only we can fulfill with our names written on it, and He’s waiting for each and every one to reach out and touch His wounds, His hands, His feet, and humble ourselves in complete surrender so we too can be world changers.

Danielle Noonan is a musician, worship leader and speaker who began leading music at the age of thirteen at her small church in East Texas. Danielle brings people of all ages together using her music, testimony and storytelling, giving light to the importance of an authentic prayer life, being hopeful in all things and unity amongst people. You can find out more about her HERE.