May 12, 2019: The Fourth Sunday of Easter

You belong here


My sheep hear my voice;
I know them, and they follow me.

John 10:27

It’s normal to desire a sense of belonging.

In fact, it’s more than normal, it’s written into our very design.

In today’s readings we are reminded that our Good Shepherd tends to his flock and we are his people. There is so much comfort to be found in these words. Whatever battle you are fighting, cross you are bearing, or heartache you are enduring – you are seen, you are loved, and you belong here. It’s such a simple truth, which I think makes it that much harder for us to fully believe and accept. God’s love for us is so uncomplicated – we’ve done nothing to deserve it and through no effort can we earn it – rather, we are loved freely by Love himself.

Personally I’ve been in a season of transition and change that seems never ending, and I imagine that you, dear reader, can relate to this feeling as well. And that’s when I come Home. I drive out of my way to stop at adoration, I reach for my rosary, I linger after mass… I create space in my life to cultivate a posture that can receive His gentle voice and presence. When I draw near to my Good Shepherd, I realize that in Him I have found my Home and where I belong.

Which leads me to wonder, if I in turn, can be a home to others. Can I mirror this example and offer others a soft place to land? Can I build a habit of extending the benefit of the doubt, willing the good of my neighbor, forgiving and forgetting quickly? Am I willing to abide with others and walk alongside them through stormy seas? Is my presence one that builds people up or wears them down? Perhaps they seem like lofty goals, but as we build these virtues we surrender our human desires and allow God to move within and around us. We echo the cosmic creator when we strive to emulate his presence with our very being.

Welcome home y'all.

Christie Peters is a former art teacher, co-founder of Every Sacred Sunday and a freelance artist and illustrator. She’s happiest at the beach with her family and little pup. You can learn more about her HERE.